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Hello all,

Recently I participated in an art show :] It was a pretty awesome experience. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Autumn Hue-IMG_0769

Autumn Hue-IMG_0761

Autumn Hue-IMG_0772

Autumn Hue-IMG_0779

Autumn Hue-IMG_0782

A few of my students visited as well :]

Autumn Hue-IMG_0776

Autumn Hue-IMG_0793

Autumn Hue-IMG_0795

Autumn Hue-IMG_0796

Autumn Hue-IMG_0798

Autumn Hue-IMG_0812

Autumn Hue-IMG_0814

Really thankful of all my friends and family who came out to support! Will probably host another event there in a few months ^^



Published in New Identity Magazine

A few days ago, New Identity contacted me that they published one of my photographs in their magazine! :] Really happy that I could contribute to their non-profit mag, especially after discovering how awesome their articles were. I could not put it down :] Go read guys, their content is solid. Here's a tidbit of what their magazine is all about taken from their "about us" page.

Our purpose is that you may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that you may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that you may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.
Colossians 2:2-3

The age of our primary audience ranges from 18-34, often a time when people face much growth both mentally, emotionally and spiritually. New Identity Magazine hopes to aid readers in their time of growth to expand their understanding and enhance communication between Christians and non-Christians and the world around them.

Our goal is to represent true-to-life followers of Christ that have questions, wonder, ponder, dream and have a willingness to learn about varying viewpoints. We desire to dissolve the rules, categories and stereotypes placed on Christians and non-Christians, shed God’s light into the areas that may be forgotten or rarely talked about but are vital in many people’s lives, and provide coverage of topics often overlooked by the mainstream media or in religious circles.

In any case, my photograph can be found on page 27 of their current Summer 2011 issue, Issue 11 along with a playlist of some inspirational tracks for missions :]

This was my original photo:
25 of 365 Music is my Safe Haven

Thank you New Identity Magazine for publishing my photo :]

Please check out their magazine and website: newidentitymagazine.com
There you can access free digital versions of their magazine or support them by purchasing a print copy :]




One of my students found her stuck behind a window.
"She's not dead yet?"
"No, not yet"
"She doesn't know she can't fly through glass, someone needs to help her"
"Why is she here? It looks like she's waiting for something"
And then she opened up her colors to us
"Oh goodness, she's so pretty! Let's keep her!"
"But she'll die"
"We need to let her go"
When we took her outside, she flew back towards us,
as if she wished to be inside again.
A few days later, we found her inside again
at the same windowsill
as beautiful as before
but lifeless


A peek of my neighborhood during sunset.

Glimpse of SF

Glimpse of SF

Glimpse of SF




return of spring

two photographs i took around this time last year. i remember taking this right before driving down to san jose to drive back up to davis two hours later. many things have changed since then, many things remain the same. i think i'm happy

return of spring


I know, I don't post nearly as much as I did before :P Sorry sorryyyy :P Thank you everyone who left me a message checking up on me :] This update is for you guys :D

For the past month, I got to spend a lot of time with my family, it'd been quite nice :] I've been busy with work, student teaching and night classes will begin this week as well to add to my workload, so until all of that settles down a bit, I may not be able to do a substantial post until then.... though I do have a tendency to do posts when I really shouldn't be-- we'll see what happens :]

In terms of photography, I've been experimenting a lot with film, playing with my lovely Canon AE-1. I've had the body for awhile, but finally found myself a 50 1.4 lens for it haha :P Shooting with film definitely has a different feeling compared to digital photography. I spend a lot more time setting up a shot, figuring out the right exposure settings and focus which is pretty tedious, but I realize that feel a lot more attached to the finished product in the end.

Oh yes, I have also been actively using my iphone as a camera :] I process and post through my iPhone a lot more efficiently haha :P If you're interested enough to look, I post my photographs on Instagram almost daily! If you have an iPhone, get the app, it's quite awesome and it's free :D If you don't, you can find my Instagram updates on my tumblr or twitter.

Anywaysss, I shall share some of the photos that I've taken over the holidays. Most of these are from phone and film. Pictures from he DSLR will come in another post :]

Sister Love. 2
Sister Love. 1
My sister and me. She has quite an evil-looking glare. [film]

Danbo Film 2
Danbo Film 3

Orchids 3
I think my new favorite flowers are orchids. [film]


random doodles

Sunsets and Shadows

MOGO BBQ Taco Truck 4
MOGO BBQ Taco Truck 3
MOGO Korean Taco Truck :D [film]

Giant Pink Guy xD

A stormy dayy

Paulette's loveeee.

Miette's Macarons

My other addiction

Sister came up to play in SF :]

Festive Lights
Festive Lights
On a stroll down Santana Row :D [T1i]

Picture. OVERLOAD.
Again, more frequent, photo-only posts on my tumblr or twitter.
That is all for now.


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